Top Reasons to Download the M50 Quick Pay App

  1. The M50 Quick Pay app is one of the easiest ways to pay your toll
  2. Pay a toll in 5 easy steps
  3. Sign up in 15 seconds
  4. You can pay as you go or prepay toll journeys
  5. Sure, you’ve enough to be forgetting

The M50 Quick Pay app from eFlow is here to make your life easier, making driving through the M50 toll simple and carefree! Whether you live in Ireland or abroad, it really couldn’t be easier.

How do I download the M50 Quick Pay App?




Now available on Android 9 and iOS 12

Features and Benefits:

  • Get reminders to pay your toll. Never miss a deadline again!
  • Add credit to your account when you travel, stay one step ahead.
  • Store your vehicle and payment details, saving you even more time.
  • View your payments and journey history. Now you can see when you go through the toll and when you have paid

Why you need the app?

Because Dublin’s M50 Toll is barrier-free, there is no toll booth to pay with cash or card. This is why eFlow have created this super-fast, dynamic app to make paying your toll journey much easier.

See what our customers have to say

“Excellent makes my life so much easier.”

“5 stars. What a great app, would highly recommend. So easy to use and very user friendly. I sometimes forget to pay when I’m going down the country but with the app now installed I won’t forget as its there to remind me. Just enter your reg and it brings up all your details. Brilliant.”

“Very handy app.”

“We couldn’t believe when we stumbled across the app on the platform… no more trying to remember to log on the computer or find a pay point to pay the toll, we just use our app now, its brilliant. Highly recommend it!” 🚘

“Really handy and quick. Probably one of my most used apps.”


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